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Cognize Inventives provides a full range of design services, procurement and installation giving a full turn-key solution so often requested by its prestigious clients. We offer a tailor-made and inclusive approach incorporating full project management, design, manufacture and installation. We pride ourselves on providing clients with a pleasant, consistent experience throughout each of our projects. We are equipped with all necessary infrastructures to take up complete turnkey projects including installations across India. Trusted by its clients, acclaimed by its peers the company has a broad range of business offering new visions and ideas.

Residential Interior

At Cognize Inventives, we comprehend that you need your home to be your very own appearance. It ought to most likely recount the tale of your identity and made of everything that you adore. The residential interior design assumes an undeniable job in guaranteeing that you have quite recently the correct blend of extravagance and comfort at your home. Regardless of where ever you go or whether you remain in probably the best hotels around the globe all the time, no spot can make you feel as comfortable as your very own home. This is the reason Cognize Inventives has the best private interior architects in Mumbai who can change your home into an inviting and bright dwelling place.
While making interior structures for a house, we generally remember that each space inside a house has its very own essence – be it the lounge, room, children’s room, kitchen, terrace, restroom or eating zone. It is our essential occupation amid the ideation just as the execution of your home design to ensure that each piece of your living arrangement echoes your own taste as well as assuring maximum utilization of space as per the requirements of every individual, at the same time maintaining its usefulness.
The expert team at Cognize Inventives cautiously evaluates the styling and designing needs of your living space just as of each family member creating a customized private structure concept for you. Everything from the furnishings to material complete the process of, lighting, plumbing apparatuses, and other accessories are chosen by us as per our clients taste and preference, we guide through all the processes involving selecting of all the accessories. Every residential interior designing at Cognize Inventives before our team gets on the field, a 3D design is been created for you to visualize how your home is going to turn in a masterpiece. Our long years of experience have just added to our abilities and skill in making interior designing for home and set up us a standout amongst the best in the field. So whether you are searching for comfort, warmth, complexity or a blend, all things considered, simply leave it to us! It is our guarantee to investigate every possibility and convey only the best to transform your home into a wonderful, dynamic and energetic dream home.

Retail Interior

We design and build retail outlets through our full scope of services, from arranging, planning and conceptual design to development and execution.
To accomplish an exceptional and effective retail environment, we look to intently comprehend the clients brand vision. We make design techniques and conceptualize utilizing space as a medium of conveying and communicating their center brand embodiment, so as to all the more likely weave their brand identity.
From retail branding to store design, drawing in individuals with the spaces we make is at the center of our design logic. experience since we understand individuals: how they think, the manner in which they shop, what makes them happy.
Our creatives work across the following design disciplines: Retail Design, Graphics, Branding, Visual Merchandising, POS, Pop-up, Events, Concessions and Branded Spaces. As well as the great design we offer a full turnkey service from Insight, Branding Communication, Multi-Channelled Design, Design Management, Planning & Consents, CAD Design, Prototyping, Sampling and Site Surveys. We provide an assembly and installation service managed by our in-house team who ensure the project is brought to life in the store. At all times, we keep in mind your targeted brand positioning and the brand message to be communicated. By doing this, we are able to achieve the best possible branding result for increased brand awareness and brand loyalty which, ultimately, is expected to translate into a higher sales turnover. At all times, we keep in mind your targeted brand positioning and the brand message to be communicated. By doing this, we are able to achieve the best possible branding result for increased brand awareness and brand loyalty which, ultimately, is expected to translate into a higher sales turnover.

Commercial Interior

In the work environment, efficiency is critical. Productivity helps in augmenting organization assets, which is basic in any business. Obscure to some, be that as it may, the design, appearance, and arrangement plan of a specific space can significantly affect the productivity of individuals. Here at Cognize Inventives, we trust that every customer has a different need, a special vision for their space. All things considered, we approach each project with a fresh start, prepared to join new design thoughts to the end-all strategy. We will take a seat with you to talk about your vision for your office, while additionally thinking about the picture of your brand and company. With our interior design keenness, we can enable you to accomplish an office interior design that coordinates the character of your own brand with the most dynamic ideas today to make a totally all-encompassing format for your working environment. Regardless of whether you are searching for a complex and tasteful office interior design or an increasingly unique and brilliant open-floor course of action, we can support you.

Retail store fixtures / Shop in Shop

We specialize in Retail Store Fixtures, In-Store designing, Shop Fittings, Signage’s, Shop-In-Shop & Turnkey Projects with in house design studio and multi-process manufacturing facilities. We are equipped with all necessary infrastructures to take up complete turnkey projects including installations across India. In-store display plays a key role in the success of your business. The presentation of your merchandise will prompt your customers to buy your products. By using creative displays, you are making a certain visual connection with potential buyers. At Cognize Inventives our engineers and designers can help you create a custom display that is not only stunning but also practical. We provide the in-store design with a strategy that is fresh, exciting, innovative and competitive. Our team can articulate your vision and marketing goals through totally integrated in-store design solutions that inspire shoppers.

 Architectural Design

Our architecture Design studio stands separated for its commitment to conveying full service architecture projects with an all-encompassing and mindful approach – from luxury estates to resorts, business structures to private residence development. Supported by 35 years of experience, the Cognize Inventives craftsmen practice seamlessly integrates landscape exterior and interior plan to make an improved affair and enjoyment for the client.
At Cognize Inventives we follow a procedure for every client to serve them our services seamlessly. The flow of the project goes as –

Stage 1
Consultation – We understand the brief mutually during face to face discussion. We utilize this initial meeting to tune in, understand your necessities, and what you are hoping to accomplish, including different preferences, as well as knowing your budget. As time permits, our team of experts has a site visit to understand the surroundings of the area regardless of whether this is before development and construction. Amid this visit, we take photos and detailed estimations of any key regions and highlights. It is essential we have as much detail alongside the brief to initiate an exacting plan stage.

Stage 2
Strategizing – After the discussion our experts, designers, and other team members internally conclude different strategies to execute this project. This as well helps all the team members involved in the project to make a work plan to hand over the project on the given timeline.

Stage 3
Planning – At this stage, our team works on design conceptualization including numerous meetings to brainstorm, generate new ideas, research, group discussions, hand drawings, planning of contextual studies, and integration of brand and corporate culture. Our expert 3D visual artists will develop a virtual portrayal of the space we have planned for your project execution.

Stage 4
Designing– Our designers prepare several layouts of designs for your spaces, keeping in mind your likes, dislikes, preferences and the elements that you would like to include. During this procedure of designing, we ensure and guarantee that the layout will match your needs and expectations. We will prepare multiple designs and revisions of this project for your comparison and consideration, as after this we will be getting you through a 3D visual experience which will give you a better scope of understanding on to how your space will be looking.

Stage 5
Construction – At the stage of construction, our team of experts takes care of every bit from start to finish as this includes furniture selections, lights selection and any more elements which are needed to complete the whole project. Our onsite workforce will constantly direct and monitor the progress of your projects build procedure. Our design team and project manager hold regular site visit with all traders and merchants to guarantee that our plan of vision is completely carried through to the development procedure, and for fast activity, if there should be a quick action of any site conditions requiring alterations.

Turnkey Contracting & Project Management

Cognize Inventives gives total integration of design, project management, and on site execution. By choosing our contracting administrations, our customers can profit by a solitary purpose of responsibility through the course of the undertaking – from idea advancement to move-in. Our in house contracting teams and technicians are specially trained in proficient and quality-oriented development practices, astounding finishing, and attention to detail. Our project management is different in that the project costing estimation is initiated at the early stage of design procedure. This enables the budget plans to be developed with the designs – guaranteeing that cost parameters and on time delivery of the complete project is maintained. We manage all the legal formalities which are required. Our services are served PAN India.